Peyton Reed the director of the upcoming Ant-Man and The Wasp said that he did not wish the two size changing superhero to be seen in the latest Avengers: Infinity War. Previously this year, there plenty of Marvel’s huge heroes working together on the big screen to battle against the mad Titan Thanos and fans easily discovered that not all popular superheroes Marvel Cinematic Universe are seen in the big screen.

Director Reed reveal why Ant-Man or Wasp was out of the picture when the Marvel’s fighting stop Thanos in destroying the Earth. Avengers: Infinity War is one of the grand projects that Marvel Cinematic Universe has ever created. Although the studio is not a newbie with regards superheroes, but they go beyond what normal superhero movie should be. Making a successful crossover from different superhero universe is one of the best innovations created for any live movie on the screen. Right after years of preparation, different stories in the MCU at last blended together. Well, most of the pre-release revolved as well with Hawkeye not around both posters and trailers.

Yes, we all know that Ant-Man and The Wasp  2 streaming vf was nowhere to find in the Infinity War. Their absence sounds so odd because in the Civil War, Captain America was asking help from Ant-Man and was a great help. Of course there is no way as well for the second time for Captain America not to ask help from Ant-Man again.

Okay, we will now reveal to you why Ant-Man and Wasp was not seen in the Infinity War. In the current interview, Reed said that the reason he did not want Ant-Man and Wasp involve in Infinity War because he wished to give them their own story. Also he continue to say that he don’t like the idea of two heroes showing in other films, because if these heroes seen in other movies and he is not involved, he will probably get jealous. Nonetheless that statement is just a humor. On the other hand, Reed stated that he wants to make The Wasp with her debut movie and reveal her past while she was as well not seen in the Civil War. In the second sequel of Ant-Man, the Wasp was introduce with her alter ego Hope van Dyne who is now ready to kick some butt.

In the end of Ant-Man credits, we have seen Hank Pym show her daughter The Wasp suit which was previously used by her mother who are now trapped in Multiverse or Quantum Realm. Furthermore, there are plenty of villains will be showing in the second sequel and because of that, Ant-man need some help from The Wasp. Particularly, their enemy the Ghost is a very bad person and she knows about the Quantum Realm and she has as well the best technology to go toe on toe with Ant-man And the Wasp. That is why with Hank Pym The Ant-Man and The Wasp will be successful to stop any villains who will do damage to Earth.

In the coming of Antman & the Wasp, there will be great thing we can expect from the movie. We will go deeper to the world of the multiverse and we will later discover what will happen to the wife of Hank who accidentally shrunk herself. As the coming of the movie, we will be expecting to see what will be the updates of their power and their abilities. If the first sequel of the movie is very successful, it is also anticipated that the second sequel will be a blast.