Today we will be going over the top five most overpowered troops in Clash Royale. So when I say overpower troops I’m just kind of referring to the truth on its own. Basically if you just put like any of the troops mentioned in this article by themselves they can pretty much do a good deal of damage without relying on
supporting troops. Now of course when you’re in a real battle you aren’t just going to put one troop down but I figured that would be the best way to judge how good a trooper really is.

This is going to be the three musketeers. So the thing about the three musketeers is that they are expensive as hell because ninety elixir and most of the time you won’t actually be able to play. This true until two times elixir actually happens now although the three musketeers do a lot of damage like they can pretty much melt any troop they get countered by pretty much almost anything a fireball, a zap and fire spirits basically anything can counter the three musketeers and that’s kind of why they’re so low on this list but I’m just going to kind of skip on over to a different battle.

This is going to be the Giant Skeleton, now before any of you guys get a bit mad at me let me explain. So the higher you get in trophies it’s pretty rare for your Giant Skeleton to actually reach the enemy tower. So the reason he’s on this list isn’t for an offensive standpoint or more so from a defensive standpoint if the enemy has just a whole bunch of barbarians, archers, or just kind of low hit units if the giant skeleton is in front of those troops it is pretty much game over. Now I’ve see from the replay in the doesn’t justify how good the Giant Skeleton is because his bomb only takes out a few troops but I’m sure all of you guys can relate to a time where all of your troops got wiped out to a Giant Skeleton or I’m sure at one point or another you’ve wiped out all the enemy’s troops with the giant skeleton. Honestly he’s a pretty overpowered offensive troop when used right and if he does get to the enemy tower it’s pretty much game over.

This is going to be the Elixir Collector so at first I was kind of debating where I wanted this card to go in the list because depending on who you talk to some people will tell you well the elixir collector is the very best card in the game and depending on others you talk to some people might just hate the card so I figured the perfect spot for the collector would just be to put it right in the middle because in Clash Royale having any elixir advantage is everything if you have more elixir then the chances are you are going to win.

This new patch came out where the lava hounds got a pretty big buff a lot of people have been running a hound cycle deck. Deck like this or just expensive decks. In general are very independent are very dependent on the elixir collector. Pretty much set him up for the rest of the battle he was able to cycle through his cards get his lava hounds out quicker and overall though the unique Elixir collector is a pretty damn good card it’s just I couldn’t really decide where to put it in this list.

This card is going to be the Royal Giant. The Royal giant is pretty much the Princess on steroids. He consignment hour from pretty much across the entire arena and he does a shit ton of damage. On top of that and not to mention he has a whole bunch of it. So he’s pretty hard to counter basically he’s one of the best cards in the game at the moment and what makes the Royal Giant even better is once you take out one tower you can just put him right on the other half and go ahead and start sniping away the other Tower and the thing about the Royal Giant is that he’s kind of like a love hate relationship with me. Now I love when I’m able to use him and just completely like an Iowa people but I hate when people use them against me and completely annihilate me but to be completely honest the Royal giant is one of the best cards in the game.

Let’s head on over to some honorable mentions. The zap and the zap spell is pretty damn good a lot of people use this zap to counter Sparky take out small troops, takeout minion hoards and most importantly to push with your hog rider. The next honorable mention is going to the balloon, because the balloon does a lot a lot a lot of damage but the only problem is it is very slow and more often than not it dies before you can even get a bomb off and the last honorable mention is not going to the lava hound but going to the lava pups the lot of pups are honestly really underestimated they attack really fast and before you know they might just take out one of your towers. So with that being said though let’s switch on over to the number one spot in the most overpowered card in Clash Royale is free diamonds just like Boom Beach. The thing about Sparky is once he fires two shots they already have a tower taken. So literally two shots from Sparky equals rip and good game. Now some of you might argue well Sparky is fairly easy to counter if you have zap and yes that is true but a good Spark user can pretty much win no matter what the circumstances are and the fact that it just takes Sparky two shots to destroy is honestly mind-blowing like Sparky without it out is the strongest / most overpowered card in clash Royale.