The best thing about the Game Boy Color is how you can take it anywhere. There’s nothing like taking a game unit everywhere you go so that you need never fear any random moments of boredom. Because Nyko understands the need for the GBC to be ultimately portable, the company has come up with a variety of ways to keep your games safe while you slam them into your backpack or jacket pocket. And these two cases are simple, easy ways to make sure your games are protected wherever you go.

The Deluxe Care Case is a plastic case about as wide as a Game Boy Color, about two inches longer and about twice as thick. The case holds 12 Game Boy games in slots designed to fit them securely, and the unit folds closed with a plastic lock that assures that they won’t go anywhere. The plastic is fairly durable (it reminds us of some of those older, thicker plastic cups) and the lock is strong enough to make sure it won’t fly open unexpectedly. Actually, the lock is almost too good — it can be a bit of a pain in the fingers to open. The slots that hold the 12 games — more than enough for any long trip — hold them nicely securely, and as a bonus they also handily fit PlayStation memory cards (both PSOne and PS2, since they’re the same size), which means portable players can take memory cards for their PSOne with them to Grandma’s house.

The other unit is the Game Tote, which holds four Game Boy games in a folding plastic case. By using little rubber “feet” that come with the Game Totes, it’s possible to stack multiple units for extra storage, but two of them are almost as big as the Deluxe Care Case and only hold four games. These are much thinner, and will slide much more easily into a backpack.

Ultimately, these carrying cases are handy for those who want to make sure to protect their investment when it comes to Game Boy games. In many cases, players just tend to toss their game into a bag or pocket, and these cases will certainly help prevent damaged games. However, they are still a bit bulky, and take up more room in a bag or pocket than just the games themselves. If you’re interested in individual protection, Nyko still has you covered. Remember those plastic cases that used to come with Game Boy games? Well, Nyko’s Game Pak Cases are officially licensed by Nintendo, and you can pick ’em up in packs of six. But if you’re looking for something to keep a group of game paks safe on your next flight to Auntie Anne’s, the Deluxe Care Case and Game Tote certainly do the job adequately.