Going back to the first installment of Deadpool, we can say that the movie was a huge success and viewers loved it. This is because the studio who created Taken trilogy is the company who brought Deadpool to our big screen. Now Deadpool 2 is coming this month for another chimichangas action and humorous bad ass moment. As one of the masterpiece of Marvel Comics and anti-hero, Deadpool begins, when a rogue experiment turn Wade Wilson’s body with fast healing powers and ugly disfigurement which turn him into an avenger and hunting for those person who make his life miserable . Directed by Tim Miller and starred by insanely great comedian and action star Ryan Reynolds, the movie shows awesome development of a mercenary to an almost immortal guy who hunts down the people who are responsible for his misfortune. However, in the long run, Deadpool get used to it and use his powers to stop criminals, gangsters and evil company.

In Deadpool 1, the movie begins in a witty and great cinematic action. As Deadpool waiting to ambush his target, we can see car leaping on the streets while Deadpool is in it and still he can still do some sick-ass stunt and successfully got his target AJAX. I think what is great about Deadpool movie is the idea which is unique; especially the main character is the narrator and his action which triggers more trouble. In the trailer of Deadpool 2, you can see him running away from the mob of gangster while cautioning Dopinder to start the taxi and because his buddy is not listening to him, he just jumps over the window to get in the Taxi. Normally based on what I’ve observed, Deadpool movie is a very good movie to summarize. Even the movie is not a superhero movie but an anti-hero, whether you like it or not you will love to see Deadpool 2 coming this May 18 2018.

So why would a badass person, expert in hand to hand combat and proficient marksman, allow himself to go under such harsh experiment? Well, in Deadpool 1, it was revealed that Wade Wilson discovers that he has cancer and so he was given information that there is some kind of government funded facility that treats disease like his. Although, Wilson don’t even consider if this is true or not or should he gets healed from the infirmities. And so he suffered that kind of torment in order for the experiment to work on his body but in a great cost. Although, in all truth Wade has already this kind of mutant genes within him dormant, until it was awakened by dark science experiment.

If you are looking for a movie that is totally no censored at all, Deadpool movie is full of great smart-ass humor and full of swearing. Every time Wade opens his mouth he speaks something which are utterly nonsense, but you will love to listen his monologue or dialogue. Actually, if you can imagine that Deadpool is a real person, then Ryan Reynolds is the guy, because the way Ryan talk and projects himself as Deadpool, he literally convey us that he is. This goes to show that Ryan Reynolds is really a great actor even if most of the time he needs to use the red suit.

The movie is so great even if there is pretty sadistic and violent nature. On the other hand, if you are so concern with what you are viewing and you don’t want your kids to watch this kind of movie, so I suggest you need to watch it alone. You should know by now that LES Deadpool 2 film gratuit is a badass anti-hero who finishes his target by killing them using his guns or his sword.