Looking For Trusted Car Services and Mechanic

Having a car doesn’t only bring comfort in ones journey but it can also take you to places you want to go quickly. However, having car will also need repair and maintenance. When it comes to repair and maintenance you really need to have a trusted mechanic to do the job. But finding a mechanic […]

Highlander: Endgame – Looks like someone upset Emperor Palpatine

Number it among the greatest crimes of the century, along with the Lindbergh baby kidnapping, the OJ murders and the inclusion of Jar Jar. We’re speaking, of course, about the constant vomit of the Highlander sequels and TV show. The original Highlander movie was a smart, weird and frenetic action movie, madly miscast and terrifically […]

Disney Magic Kingdoms – A Failure or A Success?

Continuing TK Radar’s ongoing tradition of journalistic excellence, we finish our four-system coverage of Disney Magic Kingdoms with the IOS version of the game. A nearly perfect game for the IOS-owning youngster, Disney Magic Kingdoms has everything a little kid could possibly want from a game: powerups, platform jumping, toy collecting and tons of anuscide. […]

Jet Force Gemini – How was this Game in this Modern Era

Ever since Donkey Kong Country on the Super Nintendo, Rare has stood out as the premier Nintendo game developer. It successfully created amazing game after amazing game, including GoldenEye and Diddy Kong Racing. That’s why it’s such a disappointment that the latest title out of the UK studio is such a, well, disappointment. Usually, the […]

Nyko Deluxe Carry Case / Game Tote -Review

The best thing about the Game Boy Color is how you can take it anywhere. There’s nothing like taking a game unit everywhere you go so that you need never fear any random moments of boredom. Because Nyko understands the need for the GBC to be ultimately portable, the company has come up with a […]